How we support our soldiers

How we support our soldiers

The following examples highlight how Canadian business executives, community leaders, and retired military veterans who collectively form part of the 33 Signal Regiment Foundation are supporting our local Reserve soldiers and their families:

Urgent Needs

 Many of the part-time Reserve soldiers are students or are in the very early stages of their careers. Balancing school or a job with a young family and a commitment to the Reserve Force can leave families vulnerable to the shock of an unexpected bill or expense. The Foundation can help soldiers avoid short-term debt with small loans or grants to cover children medical and dental bills, flooded basements, sick grandparents, etc. In addition, young families face extra burdens when a soldier is deployed far from home for weeks or months. The Foundation can help with simple and local support of tasks that the soldier normally did himself, for example trips to the grocery store for a young mother who doesn’t drive, snow clearing for a aged parent or grandparent, or babysitting when a spouse has to work or just needs a break.

Education Bursaries

Serving in the Reserve Forces, particularly volunteering to spend six to twelve months on overseas operations, can be a demanding task, both in terms of the time commitment and foregone employment or school. Each year, the Foundation awards three bursaries to deserving members of the Regiment who are returning to school for personal improvement.

Major Events

The Foundation is building on a nascent ability to represent the interests of the Regiment, which includes both our serving soldiers and retired veterans, by sending members of the Regimental Family to local, national, and international events. Examples of such events are professional conferences (such as the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA) and Conference of Defence Associations (CDA)), historical & heritage events (such as the annual Vimy memorial), and educational opportunities (such as battlefield tours or speaking engagements). The Foundation can fund travel and participation that would normally be beyond the means of our part-time Reserve soldiers.

The True Patriot Love Foundation

The True Patriot Love Foundation was founded in 2009 by a group of citizens who want to make a positive contribution to the lives of Canadian military personnel and their families — to serve those who serve on behalf of our nation. The Foundation has grown through generous contributions from patriotic Canadians as well as foreigners, corporations and other organizations.

The True Patriot Love Foundation supports funds and charities dedicated to supporting the Canadian Military and their families. Through these charities and funds, the Foundation is able to help families quickly reunite in times of illness, injury and death, access rehabilitation and counseling related to injury-induced life adjustments and support the needs of the children of Canadian soldiers, sailors, airmen and fallen comrades. The Foundation’s funding complements and enhances, but does not replace, existing public and non-public programs. EVEN HEROES NEED HEROES.

Canada Company

Canada Company is a charitable, non-partisan organization that serves to build the bridge between business and community leaders and the Canadian Military. The Company’s motto, “Many Ways to Serve,” provides an opportunity for its members to lend their voices, expertise and resources to ensure that our troops are supported and championed. This motto has guided Canada Company’s goal to raise Canada’s awareness of its soldiers to everyday consciousness. The 33 Signal Regiment Foundation supports the initiatives and efforts of Canada Company.