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33 Signal Regiment

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33signal Regiment

The Regiment traces its roots to Ottawa’s own 3 Signals Company, formed in the National Capital in 1913. The Regiment is not without distinction, having won the Malloch Trophy, symbolic of the best Signal Unit in Canada, both pre and post-war more than any other unit in the history of the competition.

It’s members have served over the years in all of Canada’s wars and peacekeeping operations including most recently in the Balkans, Africa, and Afghanistan. The Regiment is part of the Communications and Electronics division of the Canadian Forces providing the needed information between the command post and the front line.

The Regiment has a strong history of supporting domestic operations ranging from OP RECUPERATION in 1998 (North American ice storm of 1998), to OP ABACUS in 1999 (Y2K), OP NANOOK (annual northern sovereignty operations), and OP CADENCE in 2010 (support to the G8/G20 Leader’s Summit).