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The North American Ice Storm of 1998

The Great Ice Storm of 1998 was a combination of five successive ice storms that targeted the stretch of land from eastern Ontario to southern Quebec and Nova Scotia, as well as striking northern New York to central Maine. Millions of people were affected by long-term power outages, and major urban centers, such as Montreal and Ottawa, were forced to close as a result of extensive damage to trees and electrical infrastructure.

Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick declared a state of emergency, summoning over 15,000 military personnel (about 3,700 Reservists). The deployed Canadian Forces worked under “Operation Recuperation,” making it the biggest deployment of troops to serve on Canadian territory in response to a natural disaster. The soldiers circulated in and out to lend their help and support, and to restore power to the homes. CP-140 aircraft from 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia, took aerial images of the collapsed power lines, while military engineers and technicians worked with local crews to repair and replace transmission towers and utility poles.


Canadian Ski Marathon

The Canadian Ski Marathon is a two day event that takes place north of the Ottawa River. It consists of ten sections (160 km worth of trails) and allows participants to choose which sections to ski, which vary by length and difficulty. Since the Marathon is not a race, awards are given for the number of sections a skier completes, not for finishing first.

The Canadian Ski Marathon has hundreds of volunteers who represent local service organizations (i.e. Scouting and Guiding), community groups and cadets. These volunteers help the skiers at checkpoints, provide waxing services, or perform trail work and administration duties. The 33 Signals Regiment is a key volunteer, providing crucial logistical support to the skiers, such as supplying crucial safety and water points along the trail.


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