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Mr. Glenn Miller


Foundation Affiliations

By the patronage of Rick Hillier, Canada’s former Chief of the Defence Staff for the Canadian Forces, this not-for-profit Foundation supports Ottawa-based reserve soldiers and related charities, such as The International Knightly Order of St. George; Military Families Fund; True Patriot Love Foundation, which was inspired by Shaun Francis of the Young Presidents’ Organization and raises funds and awareness to support important causes for our forces; and the great work of Honorary Colonel of the Army Blake Goldring who, apart from his role as chairman and CEO of AGF Management Ltd., founded Canada Company, a group of concerned and influential business leaders from across Canada that works together for important causes to support the Canadian Forces and their families. The 33 Signal Regiment Foundation is directly affiliated with 33 Signal Regiment, a Reserve unit whose lineage goes back to Ottawa’s 3 Signal Company, established in 1913. Justin Fogarty is counsel with Heenan Blaikie LLP, and was formally appointed Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel on March 24, 2010. Other members of the Foundation’s organizing committee who are jumping in Holland include Glenn Miller of PenEquity Realty Corp., Chris Naudain of the Montage Advisory Group, Major Geoff Blair and WO James Newell.

Donations of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt. To make a donation, please visit and select the charity profile titled “The Order of St. George.”

For more information, please contact:
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Glenn Miller

Unit Milestones

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The North American Ice Storm of 1998

The Great Ice Storm of 1998 was a combination of five successive ice storms that targeted the stretch of land from eastern Ontario to southern Quebec and Nova Scotia, as well as striking northern New York to central Maine. Millions of people were affected by long-term power outages, and major urban centers, such as Montreal and Ottawa, were forced to close as a result of extensive damage to trees and electrical infrastructure.

Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick declared a state of emergency, summoning over 15,000 military personnel (about 3,700 Reservists). The deployed Canadian Forces worked under “Operation Recuperation,” making it the biggest deployment of troops to serve on Canadian territory in response to a natural disaster. The soldiers circulated in and out to lend their help and support, and to restore power to the homes. CP-140 aircraft from 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia, took aerial images of the collapsed power lines, while military engineers and technicians worked with local crews to repair and replace transmission towers and utility poles.


Canadian Ski Marathon

The Canadian Ski Marathon is a two day event that takes place north of the Ottawa River. It consists of ten sections (160 km worth of trails) and allows participants to choose which sections to ski, which vary by length and difficulty. Since the Marathon is not a race, awards are given for the number of sections a skier completes, not for finishing first.

The Canadian Ski Marathon has hundreds of volunteers who represent local service organizations (i.e. Scouting and Guiding), community groups and cadets. These volunteers help the skiers at checkpoints, provide waxing services, or perform trail work and administration duties. The 33 Signals Regiment is a key volunteer, providing crucial logistical support to the skiers, such as supplying crucial safety and water points along the trail.


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Honorary Appointment

HLCol Glenn Miller


33 Signal Regiment

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33signal Regiment

The Regiment traces its roots to Ottawa’s own 3 Signals Company, formed in the National Capital in 1913. The Regiment is not without distinction, having won the Malloch Trophy, symbolic of the best Signal Unit in Canada, both pre and post-war more than any other unit in the history of the competition.

It’s members have served over the years in all of Canada’s wars and peacekeeping operations including most recently in the Balkans, Africa, and Afghanistan. The Regiment is part of the Communications and Electronics division of the Canadian Forces providing the needed information between the command post and the front line.

The Regiment has a strong history of supporting domestic operations ranging from OP RECUPERATION in 1998 (North American ice storm of 1998), to OP ABACUS in 1999 (Y2K), OP NANOOK (annual northern sovereignty operations), and OP CADENCE in 2010 (support to the G8/G20 Leader’s Summit).

Foundation Members


Military Council Members (HON)
BGen (retd) George Simpson OMMCD
HLCol Glenn Miller  HLCol Michael Martin
Maj (retd) Mike Wheatley CD  LCol Douglas Swinton Commanding Officer 33 Signal Regiment
Maj (retd) Gerry Marshall CD LCol Geoff Blair
LCol (retd) Brian McDonnell CD Chairman Mike de Waal
BGen (retd) Art Dunfee CD Superintendant Dan Delaney
LCol (retd) Gord Metcalfe CD  Rob Mills
LCol (retd) David Glastonbury CD  Kent Smith
Capt (retd) Gaetan Lavoie CD  Tuhin Das
CWORandy Manuel CD  MWO(retd) Doug Ware CD
MWOJane Manuel CD  CWO(retd) Mike Disley CD
CWO(retd) Cliff Turner CD  CWO(retd) Vic Shires CD
CWO(retd) Brian Reid CD

Ottawa Group Returns Civil War Sword Missing 153 Years to US

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Sword found in Ottawa will be repatriated to The Citadel after ceremony at Antietam National Battlefield.

Ottawa, Ont – Sept. 1, 2015—A Civil War sword missing for 153 years since the Battle of Antietam in 1862 will be returned by the 33 Signal Regiment Foundation of Ottawa, the charitable arm of the 33 Signal Regiment of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, Canadian Army.

The sword was placed in the care of the 33 Signal Regiment in 1963 but was positively identified only recently as belonging to Col. C.C Tew. Members of the Regiment worked very hard to unravel the mystery of the sword after it was “rediscovered.”

As this year also marks the 125th anniversary of the establishment of Antietam National Battlefield, members of the 33 Signal Regiment thought it appropriate to involve both the U.S. National Park Service and The Citadel Military College in Charleston, S.C.

“We’re delighted to return this most important artifact,” said Michael Martin, chairman of the 33 Signals Regiment Foundation. “As this is the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, we believe it is only fitting to see that the sword is returned to the hands from whence it came.”

“It is an amazing story. It’s an artifact that has passed through many hands from south to north. It is a story of heroes and scoundrels, prominent families on both sides of the divide and a mystery spanning 150 years. About 40,000 Canadians served in the U.S. civil war, and one of them featured prominently in the story of the artifact.”

“We look forward to the upcoming repatriation and meeting with our friends in this adventure, the National Park Service at Antietam, and The Citadel Military College.”

Lieutenant Col. David Goble of The Citadel stated, “All of us at The Citadel are excited about the return of Colonel Tew’s Sword. Colonel Tew was our first Honor Graduate and was accordingly our first person to ever receive a diploma from our institution. He was also the first president of The Citadel Alumni Association. We are extremely honored by the 33 Signals Regiment’s decision to repatriate the sword and very appreciative of the lengths they have gone to make it happen.”

At the bloodiest one-day battle in American history, 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing after twelve hours of savage combat on September 17, 1862. The Battle of Antietam ended the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia’s first invasion into the North and led to Abraham Lincoln’s issuance of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.

The 33 Signal Regiment will be having a dinner on Wednesday, September 2, in Ottawa to raise funds for the Colour Guard to attend two upcoming events. The first, on September 16, will be held at Antietam National Battlefield Park in Maryland at 1:00 pm. The second and the official transfer of the sword from the 33 Signals Regiment Foundation to The Citadel will occur on the parade ground on Friday, September 18, in Charleston, S.C.

For information about the dinner, contact Michael Martin at 613-830-1880 or

About 33 Signal Regiment Foundation

33 Signal Regiment Foundation ( supports the interests of both our serving soldiers and retired veterans of the 33 Signals Regiment, as well as supporting the great work of Canada Company and The True Patriot Love Foundation.

33 Signal Regiment, formerly known as 763 Communication Regiment, is a primary reserve unit of the Communications and Electronics Branch. Their mandate is to provide support to Canadian Forces.

Media Contacts

Henry Stimpson, Stimpson Communications, 508-647-0705, Michael Martin, 613.-830-1880,

Donor Honour Roll

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  • Alain Duguay
  • Alex Munter
  • Altus Group Limited
  • Andrea Rush
  • Andree Robichaud
  • Andrew Nelson
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