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Your friend – Paul

Justin: What can I say. I really don’t know where to start or how to describe what I would like to say; the positive feelings that were created through this absolutely top shelf event, the moving moments of last nights speeches, the Brits saluting us, the scenes that we each created in imagining what the hell it must have been like for those young lads who laid it on the line 65 years ago.

One of the many things that I take away from this, (other then the achievement of getting our B wings) is the team bonding and the friendships that we all created or deepened with each other. The team experience of each of us supporting each other with our internal struggle is something that I will cherish for a very long time. This was a great success. Thanks for all your hard work in making this a reality. Great foresight.

Alain Duguay

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Bonne chance Rodrigue!

Andrea Rush

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Proud to be a contributor.

Andrew Smith

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Supporting a fellow TSC HBNR member! Good luck Chris!


Good luck Rod, take lots of pictures to show us when you get home.

Anthony Staples

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Go Glenn Miller! Don’t forget to pull the cord.

Blake C. Goldring

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Who would call you crazy Justin! I won’t say “break a leg” but will wish you good luck with your “high-flying” initiative.

Callie Hemsworth

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For the 33 Signal Regiment Foundation in support of Glenn Miller’s fundraising efforts.

Carles Douglas

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To the 33 Signal Regiment Foundation, Operation Wolfpack: Good luck with the fund raising for a good cause!

Charles Seems

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Rod, we wish you success in achieving your personal goals and that of the organization.